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Accounting professionals can make a great career move by working with James Accounting Personnel.

Find qualified accounting professionals and clerks accountants and auditors to fill any position you have open in your accounting department.

As you know, people are the life-blood of your organization and an ever increasing challenge to find.  Conventional hiring methods, often times, no longer produce that star candidate. To take your company or department to the next level of success you'll need a competitive advantage. Getting the right person in the right position, every time, is what we do with our professional Employment Agency and staffing firm.

If you are looking for the best of the unemployed, don't call us. We will find you the best professional available, not the best unemployed person. As seasoned recruiters in this nano-speed mobile market, we know where to find the upper 10%.  Most of the candidates we represent aren't actively looking.  They are working for your competitors and we have the know how to create interest in your opportunity.

We listen. We won't waste your time. That's our promise to you and that's our promise to our candidates. Give us a call. Be one of the many companies that count on us for the perfect fit.

All candidates are reference checked and, if required, background checked.

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