Are You Looking For The Right Candidate?

Its very easy to generate resumes through ads and internet postings but extremely difficult to determine if any of them are the right candidate. How many times have you gotten excited about a candidate, based on their resume, only to be let down after interviewing them? How do you know that that great "technical fit" is interested in what your company's long term plans are? How do you know that that candidate isn't telling you what YOU want to hear. How do you know that their resume isn't mis-represented in some way?

At James Accounting Personnel, we eliminate this guesswork. When we interview candidates, they aren't interviewing for a specific position. We are career counselors that determine their skill level, mainly through thorough reference checks, and glean from them what the ideal opportunity or situation is for them at this point in their career. Then, its a matter of finding a company that offers what they are looking for.  

Again, time is money, and we pride ourselves on not wasting your time. If you will spend time with us and give us all the necessary information on the front end-you won't interview candidates that don't fit your needs. We are a contigency search firm and it costs you nothing to interview our candidates. We offer a 90 day free replacement guarantee on all placed candidates if our fee is paid within 10 days of the employees start date.  

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